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FROM THE TOP, MAKE IT DROP, THATS A WAPPPP! This Cardi B inspired bath bomb is perfect for any bath time. So get a bucket and a mop for this WAP WAP WAP!


For allergens and scent ingredients please check below...


Scent: Totally Tropical

Ingredients:Sodium bicarbonate,
citric acid, aqua, kaolin day,sodium lauryl sulfoacetate,
apricot kernel oil,polysorbate 80,isopropyl
alcohol,CL45100, parfum: benzyt salicylate,citral,
citronellol,eugenol,geraniol,hexyt cinnamic aldehyde,
hydroxycitroneBal,limonene,inalool.May cause an
alergic skin reaction.For extemal use only. Not for use
with children under 3 years old.Place into a warm bath
and let it completely dissolve.Handling when wet may
cause temporary stalning.